Development of Expectations

Video about Solanco’s Core Expectations

The Development of the Solanco Statement of Expectations:

¬†“We can’t teach without teaching values.”

“How can we prepare our students to be good citizens and good people?”

“How can we emphasize the affective as well as cognitive in our district plan?”

These are the issues that the people in the Solanco community wanted addressed. The answer could not be an addition to the curriculum or another program, but rather something more pervasive tying the community and the school district together.

To get to the answer, we held three community meetings that brought together more than 250 parents, business owners, students, community members, and educators. The participants in the meeting focused on two questions: 1) What are the qualities we value most? 2) How will we develop expectations to demonstrate those qualities?

From those meetings, the Statement of Expectations was developed. It identified the central concept of Community and the primary qualities needed to support and sustain that central concept, namely, Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, and Courage. All of the other qualities that the groups discussed were included in these four.

From the Community meetings, we further refined the Statement of Expectations by meeting with staff and student leaders. In the end, we developed a plan to implement the Statement of Expectations throughout the school district. These are expectation that everyone in the district – teachers, students, administrators, support staff, parents, bus drivers, — had to work toward. These expectations framed all of our behavior and interpersonal interactions.

Throughout the district, we have displayed the Statement of Expectations and its graphic representation. It is written on banners in each building, on posters in each room, on district publications, on the website, and everywhere we could make it visible. Each morning the students hear a different adult in the building read the Statement of Expectations and cite a specific example of how we can meet that expectation.

The power of the Expectations is in the consistent and pervasive manner with which they are communicated and met.

We truly believe that this will be a major step toward addressing the issues above and improving our school and our community.

 Core Expectations