Current Agenda


Meeting Agenda
April 6, 2020
7:30 PM

Mr. Paul F. Plechner, Board President
Dr. Brian A. Bliss, Superintendent

1.   Call to Order, Welcome, Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of Silence and Invitation to Speak on Agenda Items

2.   Current Areas of District Focus

2.1   Study growth in the district and its impact on facilities
2.2   Maintain a strong financial base for the district
2.3   Continue to develop and maintain a strong K-12 academic program

3.   Presentations

3.1   Update on COVID-19 Response - Dr. Bliss
3.2   Update on Remote Instructional Model - Dr. Dangler

4.   Review April 20, 2020 Agenda

5.   Business/Policy Revisions/Motions

5.1   Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 Budget - A motion is requested to approve the 2020-2021 IU13 General Operating Budget

IU 2020-2021 General Operating Budget Proposal
Budget Highlights
Core Program Changes
Summary of Major Changes

5.2   High School Chiller - A motion is requested to approve the attached HS Chiller Proposal. HS Chiller and Water Tower Quote Tabulation

5.3   Change Orders- A motion is requested to approve the attached change orders

5.4   Continuation of Construction - A motion is requested to approve continuation of construction on the Smith Middle School project in a manner compliant with COVID-19 health and safety requirements, based on direction from the Governor's Office that school construction may continue during the statewide business closure if deemed to be critical, and the School Board's determination that continuation of this project is critical to District operations and finances.

6.   Personnel

6.1   Resignations

6.1.1   Rick Esche, High School Assistant Principal
Reason: Accepted Position Elsewhere
Effective: June 30, 2020

6.1.2   Cynthia Bollinger, QE Cafeteria Manager
With the District Since September 1989
Reason: Retirement
Effective: End of the 2019-2020 School Year

6.1.3   Joanne Greer, Classroom Aide, Bart-Colerain Elementary School
Reason: Accepted position elsewhere
Effective: April 3, 2020

6.2   Employment

6.2.1   Madison King, School Psychologist
Replaces: Jenna Carey
Effective: 2020-2021 School Year

6.2.2   Cassandra Glick, Speech and Language Pathologist
Replaces: Kayla Resh
Effective: April 27, 2020

7.   Updates

8.   Dates to Remember

April 9, 2020 - Scheduled WMUD to be used as Instructional Day
April 10 - April 13, 2020 - Scheduled Easter Holiday
April 20, 2020 - General Business Meeting, 7:30 p.m

9.   Executive Session (If necessary, purpose will be announced)

10.  Adjournment

"The mission of the Solanco School District is to develop responsible citizens and life-long learners by providing opportunities to maximize student academic performance in a safe and secure environment"