EXPRESS UPDATE is an electronic system for parents or guardians of students enrolled at Solanco School District to update their child(ren)’s student information. The EXPRESS UPDATE system will save parents and guardians time and effort completing new school year forms.  Parents and guardians using EXPRESS UPDATE are not required to complete the following paper forms included in the student packets: ‘Student Information/Emergency Contact/Medical Information’, ‘Authorization for Student Pick-Up’, ‘Health Room Information Yearly Update’ and ‘Health History’.  The information collected on these paper forms will be collected through the online EXPRESS UPDATE system.  Please return the unused forms, listed above, to your child’s school building.  The remaining forms, included in the student packet, should be completed and returned to your child’s school building.

Parents or guardians must enter the child’s student ID # or PowerSchool # for the username.  The password consists of the first letter (capital) of the child’s first name, first letter (lowercase) of the child’s last name and the child’s date of birth using the format MMDDYY.  (Example:  Sarah Thomas with a January 5, 2002 date of birth; the password is St010502).  The username and password is unique for each student. Parents or guardians must login separately to update each child’s information.  Upon accessing the system, click the ‘Edit’ button next to the student’s name to begin the update process.

Please note the school district now requires proof of residency for all address changes.  Acceptable documentation includes:  lease agreement, real estate settlement sheet, payroll voucher, current utility or trash bill.  Proof of residency must be forwarded to your child’s school building office secretary if your address has changed.

The EXPRESS UPDATE system takes approximately 10 minutes per student to complete.  If it is not possible to complete the update in one sitting, save the completed pages and you will be able to continue updating the remaining information at a later time.

The system will be available to parents and guardians for updates during the period, August 1 through September 30.  Student information updates from October 1 through July 31 must be forwarded to your child’s school building secretary.

Someone who knowingly provides false information in the sworn statements for the purpose of enrolling a child in a school district for which the child is not eligible is guilty of a summary offense.  Violators face (1) paying tuition costs; (2) community service, a fine or both; and (3) paying court costs.

Questions regarding the EXPRESS UPDATE system may be forwarded to your child’s school building office secretary or emailed to: .