New parent/guardian notification system

| August 29, 2013

The Solanco School District is implementing a new parent/guardian notification system called Power Announcement. This system has features that will make it easier for Solanco to quickly and effectively communicate with your family. In addition to voice messaging (phone calls), important messages can also be sent to you as email messages and text messages.
Setting up your parent preferences in PowerSchool is your responsibility.
Power Announcement is integrated with the existing PowerSchool Parent Portal. When you log-on to the Parent Portal you will see a link called “Power Announcement.”
By default, phone call messages and email messages will be selected for you. To receive text messages, you must go to “Preferences by Message Type” and check the box next to “Contact Me Using Text Messaging.” Tolls and charges associated with receipt of messages are your responsibility. Please be sure to set your unique preferences if there are any numbers or addresses you do not wish to be contacted at.
NOTE: Emergency messages are always sent with all three message types (voice calls, email, text) and to every contact field shown (even if you have opted out). Solanco cannot change this. Emergency messages will be labeled as “Emergency” so you will immediately recognize the high importance of the incoming message.
Please keep your phone number and other information in PowerSchool up-to-date throughout the school year so Solanco can quickly contact you with important messages when necessary.
Voice calls from the Solanco School District will be sent with 717.786.5617 as the caller ID number. You may want to add this phone number to your address book to help you recognize incoming calls. Text messages will be sent using a caller ID of 77811. You may want to add this phone number to your address book as well. Please note that you will not be able to reply to text messages from Solanco.
If you do not have access to the Parent Portal, you may contact your child’s school to request changes.
If you have any questions, please email, or speak with the secretary or principal in your child’s school. 

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