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| May 14, 2020

The virtual Solanco Scholars ceremony was first broadcast on Thursday, May 14, and the broadcast is still available for viewing via this link - Solanco YouTube.

Solanco Scholars ceremony is a celebration of the academic excellence and perseverance of deserving Solanco High School scholars.  Many individual awards are given to students in excellent academic standing.  4.0 certificates are presented to students who have a grade point average of 4.0 during the 2019/2020 school year.  Each department gives an award from their area to an individual who has excelled in that field this school year.

Solanco   Scholars List for 2019-2020
4.0 Honor   Roll Winners (by Grade)
First Name Last Name Grade
Racheal Cornelius 11
Jessica Mendenhall 11
Matthew Mentz 11
Faith Redcay 11
Sudarshan Sheets 11
Mariya Shulhina 11
Mylee Smith 11
Nicole Trout 11
Kara Armstrong 10
Nicole Arrowsmith 10
Caroline Drumm 10
Skylar Eshleman 10
Piper Graham 10
Trent Henry 10
Anna Lisinski 10
Andre Mohler 10
Josie Musser 10
Aleena Prange 10
Ariel Ragan 10
Kayla Savage 10
Alyssa Schlagnhaufer 10
Ian Althoff 9
Paige Althoff 9
Caleb Cutler 9
Anika Hodgdon 9
Emma Kline 9
Ayden Maggs 9
Elizabeth Main 9
Michael Pluck 9
Madeline Strehle 9
Kathryn Urbine 9
Santiago Yu Jiang 9
Levi Zook 9
Reading   Olympics Winners
First Name Last Name Grade
Caroline Arrowsmith 12
Kimberly Beacham 11
Hannah Coulter 11
Amanda Curran 10
Nicole Kudia 12
Christopher Natale 11
Sarah Schaefer 10
Casey Sheets 10
Mariya Shulhina’ 11
Lance Workman 11
Emma Zdrojewski 9
Scholars   Winner  * 2nd Year   winner/**3rd Year Winner
Department 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade
Agriculture Clayton Craig Jason Todd Kallista Blizzard
Art Anika Hodgdon Caroline Drumm Matthew Mentz**
Business Abigail Mostellar Trista Hoch Saffron Hinton
English Anika Hodgdon Kara Armstrong* Jenna Brown
FACS Alanna Brown Kirsten Martin Yaneth Vazquez Ortiz
Learning   Achieve Stella Woy Austin Crothers Colby Martin
Mathematics Emma Kline Owen Brazelton* Faith Redcay**
Music James Hartigan Maria Eden*/Julia   Gavin Faith Redcay*
Science Katie Urbine Alyssa   Schlagenhaufer* Faith Redcay**
Social Studies Madeline Strehle Alyssa Schlagenhaufer Faith Redcay
Tech Education Kara Peace Cody Jackson Josiah Petersheim
Wellness &   Fitness Alex Westwood Evelio Velasquez   Barrios Colesen  Sheaffer
World Language Cassandra Buitron Kara Armstrong Jadan Forren

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