Swift Middle School time capsule

| January 6, 2020

Swift - Time CapsuleAs the renovation/construction project at Swift Middle School nears completion, Swift students have sealed away a time capsule in the school that will not be opened until 25 years from now, in 2045.

Front row: Lindsey Mecouch (student senate president), Christine Wagner (vice president), and Addison Groff (secretary), lower a page from the 1968 Swift Junior High School dedication program into the time capsule just prior to its placement in its vault, the “2018″ date stone which has been placed in the wall near the school entrance. In the second row are Swift teachers Ethan Martin and Todd Long. (The renovation / construction project at Swift began in 2018.)

Other items sealed away in the capsule for the next quarter-century include a 2019 video tour of Swift, a 2019-2020 school calendar, a school poster signed by all current students, an I-phone, a computer, a Solanco sports bag with water bottle, a list of the champions in professional sports from 2010 to 2019, a list of the top songs of 2019, a list of apps currently popular among students, a list of the top movies in 2019, candy including a Hershey’s Bar, Snicker’s and Skittles, and shopping bags from Ferguson and Hassler, GIANT, and B&B.

The renovation / construction project at Swift includes a new auditorium in support of the arts, new educational space including a large group instruction room, and enhanced school security.

Current Swift students will be 38 and 39 years old when the time capsule is reopened in 2045.

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