Solanco honors retiring school board members

| November 19, 2019

School Board - Leon Steve DanWEBThree Solanco School Board Directors, who have provided Solanco with a combined 60 years of dedicated service, are retiring from the board.

Left to right in the photo, Leon Ressler, board president Steve Risk, and former board president Dan Bender participated in their final board meeting on Monday (November 18). Ressler, Risk and Bender each served on the board for 20 years. “I am extremely grateful for the stability and service they have provided,” Solanco Superintendent Dr. Brian Bliss said. “They encountered many difficult, challenging and intense decisions and situations during their school board careers, and their knowledge-based decision-making was always in the best interests of the students, the school district, and the community.”

“Leon Ressler has been a great voice and representative of our agricultural community, providing both a global and local point of view,” Dr. Bliss said. Ressler said he ran for election to the board with goals of “representing the values of our community, and ensuring that future boards would have 10 years or less of debt service.” He appreciates the board’s ability to work together cordially.

Dr. Bliss said Steve Risk’s strong support for the community goes well beyond his service as a school board director; one example is Risk’s tireless efforts on behalf of the Southern End Community Association (SECA). Dr. Bliss said Risk’s knowledge of the construction industry “provided for wise decision-making on how to most efficiently spend money, and how to get quality for our tax dollars.” Risk expressed his gratitude to the school board which he said is “different people with different opinions but with the ability to come together and get things done.”

A major area of focus for Dan Bender during his two decades of service to Solanco was academics and working to make education even more valued in the community. “The strength of a community is its families,” Bender said, and “it’s been an honor and privilege to serve on the Solanco School Board.” Dr. Bliss expressed appreciation for Bender’s work on curriculum and his service on academic committees.

School board directors in Pennsylvania are volunteers. They are not paid for their many, many hours of time and service provided for students, families and communities. Dr. Bliss provided Ressler, Risk and Bender with a Solanco Plaque of Appreciation, and the retiring board members also received a Certificate of  Recognition from the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA).

Dr. Bliss reminded the retiring board members that students in the current senior class at Solanco High School were not born when they began their long and successful careers on the school board.




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