Rousing welcome for 9th graders at the high school

| August 21, 2019

9th Grade OrientationWEBWith all of the boisterous spirit of a pep rally, Solanco’s 9th grade orientation featured incoming freshmen receiving a wildly enthusiastic welcome to the high school by upperclassmen.

The upperclassmen - 10th, 11th and 12th grade students who are part of Link Crew - volunteered to be at the high school prior to 8 a.m. on one of their final days of summer vacation to introduce freshmen to their new school, and to help ensure that freshmen will “fit in” from the very beginning of their high school career. Ninth graders were treated to a grand entrance in the high school gymnasium during which they entered surrounded by Link Crew students in pink shirts who cheered and clapped in support of the new students.

Transitioning from middle school to the high school can be a very challenging period in a student’s educational career. School counselors at the high school and Link Crew students use 9th grade orientation to provide incoming 9th graders with a very positive and uplifting experience at the high school before the school year even begins. Link Crew students had called freshmen in advance to personally invite them to orientation. Under the direction of teacher Steve McTaggart, Link Crew students and 9th graders participated together in games, contests and large and small-group team-building activities that help freshmen become part of the high school community, and help build school spirit.

9th Grade Orientation2WEBFreshmen also received their school schedules, and together with Link Crew students they followed the 9th graders’ schedules and toured the high school. The upperclassmen offered advice and shared their high school experiences with the incoming freshmen.


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