Award-winning middle school students

| June 7, 2019

Smith and Swift middle schools have honored outstanding 8th graders.


Smith has presented it Outstanding Student Award (students with highest cumulative grade point average over three years) to the following students: Anika Hodgdon, Emma Kline, Ayden Maggs, Kara Peace and Levi Zook.

The President’s Award for Educational Improvement (outstanding educational growth in their academic subjects) went to: Matthew Tamargo, Brandon Solis, Christian Hess, Jay Baker, Jordan Fizer, Britney Troop, Jordyn Ream, Alex Velasquez, Damien Strong, Kaden Strong, Ashlyn Imhoff, Dilyn Kemp, Braden Caldwell, Ryan Wagner, Josiah Forren, Anthony Solis, Jadon Yoder, Kate Shumaker, Jacob Trimble, Miciah Summers, Alex Weeks, Hayden Auble, Aaland Perkins, Ashton Jackson, Dom Cooper, Andrew Boyle and Jamar Moore.

Smith Middle School Solanco Core Expectations – Kindness, Courage, Respect and Responsibility awards presented to: Lucas Yost and Kristine Stauffer.

Principal’s Leadership Award:  Brad Salisbury.

Art Award:  Yamir Marquez, Darwin Paredes-Jimenez, Megan Plank, Gabby Walters.

Broadcasting Technology Award: Kara Peace, Julianna Tice, tech crew-Paige Palmer.

Band Award: Levi Zook, Jaqueline Roblero, Kyler Henne.

Orchestra Award: Zoey Barker, Anika Hodgdon.

Chorus Award: Abdiel Pou, Alex Westwood, Olivia Northern, Kensey Rhoads, Cassandra Bruno, Gavin Robertson, Alexis Wilson.

Computer Technology Award: Anika Hodgdon, Emma Kline, Kara Peace, Levi Zook.

English Award: Isabella Myer.

Family and Consumer Science Award: Sofia Reedy, Lina Dominguez.

Integrated Geography Award: Lina Dominquez, Joey Miller.

L.E.A.D. III Award: Kristine Stauffer, Sophia Stoltzfus.

Mathematics Award: Levi Zook, Santiago Yu Jiang, Josiah Forren, Emma Kline.

Music Award: Zoey Barker.

National Honor Society Award: Brooke Trager, Madeline Strehle.

Outstanding Boy and Girl Athlete (Justin Mitchell Memorial): Sarah Landis, Meg Bailey, Tyler Burger, Josiah Forren.

Mike Shepos Memorial Physical Fitness Award: Chastity Rineer, Meg Plank, Frances Northern, Logan Wagner, Jadon Yoder.

Science Award: Anika Hodgdon.

Social Studies Award: Emma Kline, Levi Zook.

Student Senate Service Award: Meg Bailey, Kara Peace, Sarah Landis, Lina Domingquez.

STEM Award: Olivia Northern.

Technology Education Award: Jaden Summers.

Yearbook Award: Ashley Maeda.

William Day Award: Kyler Henne.

Quarryville Lions Club Citizenship Award: Nolan Lewis, Sophia Stoltzfus.

VFW: Joseph Miller, Kara Peace.



Swift recognized the following students who had perfect attendance during the 2018-2019 school year: Ian Althoff, Paige Althoff, Olivia Baker, Alanna Brown, Cassandra Buitron-Zavala, Christopher Cook, Caleb Cutler, Samantha Eckman, Michael Garvin, Matthew Haas, Georgia King, Acacia Krdier, Curtis McClure, Daria Neaves, Aidan Phillips, Emma Stauffer, David Wild.

Perfect attendance for all three years of middle school: Samantha Eckman.

President’s Education Awards presented to: Paige Althoff, Olivia Baker, Weston Beiler, Heidi Craig, Caleb Cutler, Ty Davis, Natalie Dodson, Abigale Esposito, Logan Furches, Charles Golden, James Hartigan, Elizabeth Main, Ethan Mellott, Renee Moran, Kylee Musser, Daria Neaves, Elizabeth Root, Adeleigh Scott, Kathryn Urbine, Nicholas Williams.

Expectations Award: Logan Furches, Cassandra Buitron.

VFW Award: Brody Mellinger, Paige Althoff.

Most Improved (Principal’s Award): Jon Armstrong, Taylor Morrison.

SSI Science Agents of Excellence: Liz Main, Caleb Cutler, Acacia Kreider and Katie Urbine.

American History Awards: Lewis and Clark Award - Students who have gone beyond where few others have gone. Students who have achieved a 97% for the entire year: Paige Althoff, Alana Brown, Samantha Eckman, Wyatt Festerman, Olivia Baker, Cassandra Buitron-Zavala, Clayton Craig, Brody Mellinger, Logan Furches, Acacia Kreider, Liz Main, Kylee Musser, Renee Althoff, and Heidi Craig.

Pioneer Award: Keeps working at it, step-by-step, one mile at a time:  Jere Mendenhall.

Infantry: Refusal to give up; fights through challenges: Derrick Bowditch.

Abraham Lincoln: A man of integrity, no shortcuts, commitment to excellence: Paul Swinehart.

Davy Crockett: A true leader amongst his peers; respected by all: Kade Frey.

Cowgirls: Dependable, willing to stand out and go above and beyond:  Brooke Rankin and Madison Houghton.

English/Language Arts: Brooke Rankin, John Sankus, Curtis McClure, Michael Garvin, Acacia Kreider and Cassandra Buitron.

Integrated Geography: Top Students: Logan Furches, Morgan Kreider, Ian Althoff, Cassie Buitron-Zavala, Heidi Craig, clayton Craig, Caleb Cutler, Samantha Eckman, Acacia Kreider, Elizabeth Main, Renee Althoff, Morgan Robertson, Brody Mellinger, Grace Pursel, Katie Urbine, Abigale Esposito, Gabriel Sandoval.

Algebra: Landon White, Brooke Rankin, Andrew Smith, JiYea Swain, Caleb Cutler, Elizabeth Main.

Earning “A” every marking period: Liz Main, Acacia Kreider, Arianna Seiberlich, Kylee Musser, Caleb Cutler, Daria Neaves, Katie Urbine, Charles Golden, Renee Althoff, Cassandra Buitron, Olivia Baker, Evelyn Jacobsen, Brody Mellinger, Logan Furches, Landon White, Rebecca Harper, Gabriel Sandoval, Westlee Wilson.

Bro’s Award: Brody Mellinger, Logan Furches.

PMEA District Songfest: Paige Althoff, Renee Althoff, Daria Neaves, Liz Main, David Wild, Jimmy Hartigan, Patrick Moran.

Swift Singers (1st place in their category and Esprit di Corp award: Paige Althoff, Renee Althoff, Heidi Craig, Madison Gonce, Liz Main, Haley Martin, Daria Neaves, Stella Woy, Regina England, Makenzie Fleischut, Madison Houghton, Morgan Roberton, Anna Sexton, Wyatt Festerman, Jimmy Hartigan, Patrick Moran, David Wild, Westlee Wilson.

Outstanding Chorus Member Award: Liz Main, Morgan Robertson, David Wild.

Overall Fitness: Renee Althoff, Daria Neaves, Madison Houghton, Addie Scott, and Renee Moran.

Golden Sneaker: Daria Neaves, Paige Althoff, and Madison Houghton.

Art: Haley Martin – abstract creativity award. Renee Moran – attention to detail award. Evelyn Jacobson – pretty in paint award.

Computers: Paige Althoff – 102% average for year in computer technology. Acacia Kreider – 101% average for year in computer technology. Charles Golden 100% average for year in computer technology. Logan Furches 100% average for year in computer technology

Physical Education: Overall Fitness award – Jared Fulton, Michael Garvin, Eamon Kreider. Golden sneaker award – Logan Furches, Eamon Kreider, Brody Mellinger. Presidential Educational Award – Paige Althoff, Olivia Baker, Weston Beiler, Heidi Craig, Caleb Cutler, Ty Davis, Natalie Dodson, Abigale Esposito, Logan Furches, Charles Golden, James Hartigan, Elizabeth Main, Ethan Mellott, Renee Moran, Kylee Musser, Daria Neaves, Elizabeth Root, Adeleigh Scott, Kathryn Urbine, Nicholas Williams.





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