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| May 2, 2019

Aidan McBride - MathCONWEB

Aidan McBride.

Aidan McBride has finished ninth among all 12th grade students nationwide who participated in the MathCON finals! ”While Aidan has qualified for the finals in the past, this placement is the highest of his career,” Caley Roark, Solanco teacher of the gifted said. ”Previously, Aidan twice finished in 13th place.”

MathCON - Isaac Esh 2019WEB



Isaac Esh.

Providence Elementary 5th grader Isaac Esh - the first elementary student to qualify for the national competition - earned a ranking of 64th nationally in his grade, scoring 195 out of a possible 300 points in the MathCON finals.

“Isaac is a creative student, coming up with unique and varied solutions to challenges presented in class, who never fails to impress me with his work in regards to mathematics,” said Ryan Humphries, teacher of the gifted at the elementary level. “He is one of those students who, when presented with a problem, will immediately start poking away at it, striving not only to reach a final answer, but to fully understand the how and the why as to how he got there. I can’t say enough about the work he has presented to me in his time in my Extensions classroom. To place 64th amongst 5th grade students in the National MathCON competition is a fantastic achievement, and one that, Isaac, his family, and the entire Solanco community can be proud of.”

And Solanco freshman Andre Mohler finished ranked 56th.







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