Strong performances by middle school STEM teams

| March 14, 2019

Solanco middle school STEM teams registered impressive finishes in the 2018-2019 STEM Student Competition. (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.)

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Members of a team from George A. Smith Middle School – Holly Grube, Graydon Schlagnhaufer, Droc Jones, and Jacob Trimble - placed second in the 7th to 9th grade division.

The 2018-19 STEM Challenge involved identifying and creating a STEM solution for students’ communities. The solution could be something that affects their neighborhood, housing development, municipality, or township. For example, it could address an issue with infrastructure. Each team had to create an innovation and build a model of it. They then had to create a video demonstrating their prototype and explaining how STEM and the Engineering-Design Process were incorporated into the project.
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Swift Middle School’s team consisting of Brianna Dale, Ben Williams, Owen Underwood, and Brady Janssen placed third in the 7th to 9th division.

Gerald Boyd provided this description of the Smith team’s creative innovation. “When researching a community problem, the team found that there are nearly 26,000 people over the age of 60 living alone in Lancaster County. People over the age of 60, have a greater risk of getting injured from falls in their homes.  The team created an innovation called Cradle Floor T-20 to help lessen the impact of injuries in elderly people. This floor contains spring-board flooring with added layers of padding. This allows the floor to give when something or someone falls on it. It lessens the impact of the fall. Each team member will receive a $50 gift card and a certificate from the IU13.”

Boyd said the Swift team also developed an interesting approach to protecting safety. “Swift Middle School’s team found that there are a lot accidents each year related to blind intersections in Solanco. As a result, they created an invention called The Accident Eliminator. The innovation is a sensor-and-light system for stop lights or stop signs. When a car gets to a distance of about 0.1 miles away from the stoplight or stop sign, it triggers a pressure plate. The driver sitting at the stop sign, is alerted by the light that goes off which is triggered by the pressure plate. This prevents vehicles from entering into a blind intersection and creating an accident. Each team member will receive a $25.00 gift card and a certificate from the I.U. 13.”

“This was the first year the Middle School Extensions Program participated in the competition, Solanco coach Gerald Boyd said. “It was a great learning opportunity for students to apply the areas of STEM and the Engineering Design Process.”





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