Impressive scores in MathCON – Solanco has some of the brightest math minds in the U.S.

| March 13, 2019

MathCon - Aidan McBrideWEB

Aidan McBride.

For the fourth year in a row, Solanco High School student Aidan McBride has qualified  for the national MathCON contest in Chicago! In addition, Providence 5th grade student Isaac Esh has become the very first Solanco elementary student to earn an invitation to the MathCON finals. Dozens of Solanco students have performed very well in the challenging MathCON contest.

Over the past month, students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels competed in the 2019 MathCON competition. MathCON is an online mathematics contest that allows students to put their math skills to the test, competing in grade level contests against math students around the country. The competition is separated into two parts. The first round is an online test, comprised of 40 multiple choice questions that require students to take the knowledge they have gathered from their current grade’s mathematics class and apply it to problems using their own ingenuity and insight. The second round is available to the students who qualify as the top finishers in the country based on the first round’s test and will include an in-person test in Chicago, Illinois.

Isaac Esh

MathCon - Isaac Esh WEBProvidence Elementary 5th grader Isaac Esh qualified for the national finals by scoring 255 out of a possible 300 points, giving him a national ranking of 117 and placing him the 99th percentile of students who took the exam.

In addition to Isaac, three students scored high enough on the exam to be placed on the waitlist for the national competition. These students are Nolan Huber (5th grade, Quarryville Elementary) who scored 245 points and was ranked 158th in the country (97th percentile), Blake Jenkins (5th grade, Providence Elementary) who scored 240 points and was ranked 187th in the country (96th percentile), and Maddie Welch (5th grade, Clermont Elementary School) who scored 240 points and was ranked 192nd in the country (96th percentile).

A host of other students at the elementary level also received honorable mention recognition for their scores on the exam. These students had scores of 200 or higher:

-          Bart-Colerain Elementary School

  • Donnie Petrauskas
  • Ali Barry

-          Clermont Elementary School

  • Ava Martin
  • Easton Parson
  • Geren Spangler
  • Danielle Kraynak
  • Kaitlyn Fulton
  • Brendan Mecouch
  • Keira McCauley

-          Providence Elementary School

  • Hamilton Wright
  • Brooke Hiatt

-          Quarryville Elementary School

  • Aiden Crawford
  • Landon Welk
  • Andersen Miller
  • Lucy Costigan
  • Luke Herr
  • Lily Gavin
  • Anya Eden

At the middle school level, a total of 96 students took the assessment. At Smith Middle School, 7th grader Aliyah Kauffman and 8th graders Yu Jiang Santiago and Emma Kline, all qualified for the waitlist for the final round in Chicago. At Swift, 6th grade student Joshua Craig also qualified for the waitlist for final round in Chicago. In addition, the following students scored honorable mention status, scoring above 200 points on the assessment:

-          Smith, 6th Grade

  • Caitlin Bennethum
  • Kyleigh Murphy
  • Sarah Curtis
  • Braedon Bickford
  • Madison Landis
  • Taelor Martin
  • Mia Truett
  • Sam Zook
  • Jace Underwood
  • Annie Sheaffer
  • Laila Pourmonir

-          Smith, 7th Grade

  • Harry Humbert
  • Rachel Rhoads
  • Droc Jones

-          Smith, 8th Grade

  • Jacob Trimble
  • Ayden Maggs
  • Alexis Wilson
  • Josh Sharp

-          Swift 6th Grade

  • Dom Arbogast
  • Alaina Williams
  • Jacob DeLoach
  • Gracie Hartigan
  • Sara DeFrancesco
  • Joseph Craig

-          Swift 7th Grade

  • Brady Janssen
  • Autumn Butler
  • Brayden Herr
  • Wyatt Davis
  • Kira Brazelton
  • Owen Underwood
  • Raven Garabo
  • Devon Culbertson
  • Taylor Sexton

-          Swift 8th Grade

  • Charles Golden
  • Paige Althoff
  • Caleb Cutler
  • Katie Urbine
  • Evelyn Jacobsen
  • Renee Moran
  • Gregory Dilworth

For Solanco High School senior Adian McBride, this is the fourth time he has qualified for the final level. In both his 8th and 9th grade years, Aidan finished 13th in the nation.

In addition to Aidan McBride qualifying for the finals, high school students Andre Mohler (9th), Andrew Craig (10th), Brandon Daniel (11th), and Angel Daniel (12th) are alternates for Chicago.

Scoring above 200:

Jada Dow (9th)

Anna Lisinski (9th)

Joel Troutman (9th)

Owen Brazelton (9th)

Skylar Eshleman (9th)

Sean Keller (10th)

Kayla McCauley (10th)

Trent Henry (9th)

Luke Brown (11th)

Brendan Heisler (9th)

Chris Natale (10th)

Moses Dominguez (10th)


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