Student demonstrates the true Christmas spirit

| December 19, 2018

Providence - KatelyN MastersonWEBEvery year at this time, thoughtful Providence elementary student Katelyn Masterson brightens the Christmas season for other children in Solanco. In the past, she has set up and operated successful lemonade stands, generating money she has used to purchase Christmas gifts for local children who otherwise may have gone without. This year, Katelyn asked for donations while handing out homemade cookies, and also received contributions from her parents, grandparents and brother, totaling $200. Katelyn used the money to purchase Christmas gifts for a 14-year-old boy and  his 10-year-old sister who are new to the Solanco School District. Katelyn is also 10, which she said made it easy to determine the gift she would give to the girl, while the boy’s gift was a little more challenging. Providence Elementary and the Solanco School District are proud of Katelyn and the compassion and kindness for others!

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Keith Kaufman is the Director of Community Relations for Solanco School District. 786-5617.

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