Solanco Education Foundation awards teacher grants

| September 6, 2018

Logo - 10-2015WEBThe Solanco Education Foundation has awarded 11 Academic Venture Grants totaling more than $5,000 to teachers that will enable them to provide new educational programs and tools for students in Solanco schools.

The foundation announced the availability of the grants in January and received outstanding applications from teachers and educators. Applications were carefully reviewed by the foundation’s Academic Venture Grant Committee and 11 proposals were chosen to receive grant funding:

Leslie McRobbie and Caley Roark – High School, AP Capstone for 11th and 12th graders
Project:  To be Seen and Heard: Tech Bundles to Support AP Capstone Students
Advanced Placement (AP) Seminar and AP Research students are required to present and orally defend their work as part of their AP score, and this must be recorded for the AP College Board. The technology bundles include multiple pieces of equipment that will enable AP Capstone students to create professional presentations that will represent the students and Solanco with great honor.

Todd Brown and Mike Minchhoff – High School, technology education teachers
Project:  Penn State University and U.S. Navy Seal STEM Competition
The grant will purchase computers, programming units, power supplies and other materials students need to participate in the annual Sea, Air and Land High School STEM Challenge coordinated by Penn State University and the U.S. Navy. A consistent design aspect is the need for students to develop autonomous vehicles that meet the design criteria. (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.)

Christine Sawicki – High School, family consumer science teacher
Project:  Investigate the Nutrients
The grant will provide students in the Family Consumer Science class with food chemistry and nutrition lab investigation kits and workbooks. Students will use them to analyze food content and explore how food affects the human body and provides nourishment. This STEM activity will help students develop stronger math and science skills.

Allyson Pruskowski – Smith Middle School, learning support teacher
Project:  Education Does Not Have to be an Uphill Battle
The grant will purchase two “Up” stools that enable students to work while twisting and turning in their seats. The stools will especially benefit students that need support pertaining to attention and focus.

Ashlee Kreider – Clermont Elementary, kindergarten teacher
Project:  A Place to Start and End Our Day
The grant will provide a classroom carpet that provides kindergarten students with their own comfortable space each morning to learn new sight words, work in small groups during tier time, and learn addition and subtraction.

Marisa Sponhouse – Quarryville Elementary, learning support teacher
Project:  Flexible Seating for Learning Support Student Growth
The grant will purchase stools for students with attention and focus needs. The stools provide sensory stimulation and movement which increases their focus, time on task, and completion of independent work.

Jessica Misel – Quarryville Elementary, reading teacher
Project:  Flexible Seating to Establish Choice, Collaboration, and Commitment to Learning
The grant will provide balance balls and scoop rockers that enable students to safely move in their seats while learning, increasing their comfort and their ability to better focus.

Kayla Resh – Quarryville Elementary, speech therapist-special education
Project:  Evidence-Based Therapy
The grant will provide access to the SLPnow website that features literacy-themed lessons and an organizational tool to track student progress.

Emily Miller – Quarryville Elementary, kindergarten teacher
Project:  STEM Activities
The grant will purchase kits that provide students with STEM activities which will improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The activities involve students discussing their ideas, drawing their proposed projects, and reflecting on the outcomes.

Lindsey Orr – Providence Elementary, 5th grade teacher
Project:  STEM Education
The grant will provide an educational robotic kit which enables students to create and build robots through fifth grade curriculum aligned to science, technology and math standards.

Elise Graybill – Providence Elementary, kindergarten teacher
Project: Play to Start the Day
The grant will purchase blocks, magna tiles, Legos, an easel, a puppet theater and puppets that will engage students in hands-on engagement opportunities when they arrive to class and during indoor recess. Play helps students develop socially, cognitively and physically.

Solanco Education Foundation
President:  Tom Brackbill
Vice President:  Dr. Jon Rednak
Treasurer: William Musser
Secretary: Kathy Eberly
Director:  Keith Kaufman*

Board of Trustees:
Larry Albright
Fan Bender
Susan Broomell
Bill Coble
Cindy Coble
Julie Duvall
Brenda Roark
Patty Wilds
Sandy Tucker*
Becky Guhl*    (*non-voting members)

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