Discount on property tax paid by August 31

| July 20, 2018

Solanco property owners will receive a 2-percent discount on their real estate tax if the total is paid before August 31. Taxes may be paid at any Fulton Bank branch office with the bottom tax stub of the tax bill, or payments may be mailed to Solanco School District, P.O. Box 4158, Lancaster, PA 17604-4158. Incorrect amounts or late postmarks will be returned to the sender. The Solanco School District has mailed real estate tax notices to property owners in the district. Property owners who have not received their real estate tax notice should call the Solanco School District Tax Office at 786-5611. Property owners are reminded that they are responsible for payment of their property taxes, even if they fail to receive the tax notices in the mail. For more information, call the Solanco School District Tax Office at 786-5611.

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Keith Kaufman is the Director of Community Relations for Solanco School District. 786-5617.

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