Students step it up in shuttle run

| June 22, 2018

Michele LovellWEB2High school fitness teacher Michele Lovell is proud of the considerable efforts that enabled students to improve in the 20 meter-10 minute shuttle run. Students worked to increase their number of lengths each time they ran and some hard-working students ran 100 lengths or better during the school year (80 lengths equal 1 mile).

Front row: Faith Roth, Alex Coble, Dwayne Watterson, Shaneef Carter, Dan Simms, Brandon Finch, Nate Eller. Center row:  Luke Slack, Katie Morales, Rashawn Carter, Jess Richardson, Elaina Kreider, Garrett Washington. Back row: Ethan Root, Alex Buitron, Caden Fuller, Ben Shumaker, Logan Peach, Kyle Stively, Marty Grawe, Colesen Sheaffer.

“This year was another fantastic year for stellar performances by many of my fitness students in the ’20 meter 10 minute shuttle run,” Lovell said. ”The scores for the ‘top 5′ in each class along with the ‘top 5 most improved’ brought a lot of excitement and competiveness among the classes every month. Students were able to see the results of all classes as they are posted outside of the large gym.”

The top scores for this year were 124 lengths ran by two freshmen: Faith Roth and Kyle Fisher. 124 is the best score from all previous years. Coming close to that was sophomore Rashawn Carter with 120 lengths.

“With me retiring this school year, I would have to say that it was very rewarding for me and especially fun watching the outcome of the shuttle run every month. What great students we have here at Solanco,” Lovell said.

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