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| June 6, 2018

Smith - First Day4WEBCongratulations to Alyssa Schlagnhaufer, Trent Henry, Abigail Henry, Kara Armstrong, Jada Dow, Madison Mosley and Sarah Scheafer, who have won Smith Middle School Outstanding Student Awards (eighth grade students with highest grade point average over three years).

Recipients of the Solanco Core Expectations Awards were Douglas Simpson and Sarah Schaefer.

The Principal Leadership Award was presented to Taryn Britigan.

Chosen for the Quarryville Lion’s Club Citizenship Award were Trenten McDowell and Abigail Kennedy, while the Quarryville VFW Post 3557 Citizenship Awards were presented to Trent Henry and Madison Mosley.

The English Award winner was Kara Armstrong.

Mathematics Awards – Trent Henry, Alyssa Schlagnhaufer, Abigail Kennedy and Caroline Drumm.

Alyssa Schlagnhaufer, Madison Mosley and Kara Armstrong were named winners of the Social Studies Award.

The Science Award was presented to Rebecca Fould.

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Award recipient was Emma Kreider.

The Technology Education Award was earned by Cameron Barr.

Chorus Awards – Cassandra Wright, Elliot Spangler, Rebecca Bruno, Madison Mosley, Aden Jackson.

The Music Award went to Haleigh Bauer.

Band Award – Brendan Heisler, Juliana Weiss.

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Award was presented to Triniti Erisman and Karleigh Good.

The Student Senate Award recipients were Madeline David, Taryn Britigan and Trenten McDowell.

Broadcasting Awards – Alyssa Schlagnhaufer, Rebecca Foulk and Daulton Musser.

Haleigh Bauer won the Yearbook Award.

The William Day Award was presented to Sedona Raub.

Family and Consumer Science Awards went to Kara Armstrong and Sedona Raub.

Integrated Geography Awards went to Rebecca Foulk and Elliot Anderson.

L.E.A.D. III Award winners were Piper Graham and Elliot Spangler.

Art Award winners were Caroline Drumm and Brooke Killian.

The Justin Mitchell Memorial Male and Female Athlete Award winners were Matthew Mayberry, Jonathan Revolorio-Morales, Abigail Kennedy and Caroline Drumm.

The Mike Shepos Memorial Male and Female Physical Fitness Awards were presented to Alyssa Schlagnhaufer, Trent Henry, Douglas Simpson and Trenten McDowell.

The following 7th graders had straight A’s this school year:
Emma Baxter
Paige Palmer
Kara Peace
Levi Zook
Gabrielle Walters
Santiago Yu Jiang
Ayden Maggs
Madeline Strehle
Morganne Crawford
Emma Kline
Chasity Rineer
Anika Hodgdon

The following students have been honored as the Most Improved 6th graders:
Bobby Sheets
Jonathan Boozer

The following have been recognized as All-Around 6th Graders:
Raif Groves
Xander Monarrez
Holly Grube
Rachel Rhoads
Rebecca Troutman
Hannah Unger
Keira Crawford
Emily Dondalski
Abby Vilk
Kyrsten Byers
Ava Spangler
Kara Herr
Gavin Shaw
Kira Albright
Sarah Petersheim
Isaac Zavala Palacios
Cody Rose
William King
Lucia Eden
Holly Fryberger
Olivia Myer
Peyton Bachman
Brooke Jennings
Rachel Armstrong
Haley Dagan


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