New mural celebrates Clermont and the joy of reading

| June 4, 2018

Clermont - Mural1WEBIn honor of Clermont Elementary School’s 25th anniversary, a beautiful mural that students help create has been unveiled in the Clermont Library. The new mural celebrates Clermont’s anniversary with a colorful and creative scene featuring Robert Fulton’s steamboat “Clermont,” the message “Clermont Reads” spelled out on the beautiful fields and rolling hills of the Southern End, while characters such as Humpty Dumpty, children and even trees and animals enjoy their favorite books.

The idea for a mural came from former Clermont Librarian Nancy Kreider. Nancy provided funding from a gift she had received from her elementary librarian, Mattie Mae Silverman. “A tiny librarian with a big heart (Silverman) spurred this project on. I am so happy to give back to the school where I spent the majority of my teaching career,” Nancy Kreider said. In addition, Kreider also acknowledged local artist Barry Root and Clermont art teacher Sue Ayres , Nancy’s husband Keith Kreider, Solanco Facilities Director Bruce Bennett, and custodian Jeff Blantz for their involvement, support and leadership they provided in creating and displaying the mural above the circulation desk in the library.

“The enthusiasm and energy provided by Sue Ayres kept us all going throughout the project,” Nancy Kreider said. “I am deeply appreciative of her talent and professionalism.” In addition, “Barry Root’s imagination and creativity took this mural to places that I could never have dreamed of,” Kreider said. “Barry perfectly captured the local, historical connection of Clermont and intertwined it with the wonderful places our imaginations may take us through reading.”

Clermont - Mural2WEBClermont students, teachers and staff, former Clermont Principal Ken Zieber, Clermont’s first art teacher Lyn Ice, Superintendent Dr. Brian Bliss, and Solanco School Board President Steve Risk looked on as the mural was unveiled. More than 4,000 students have attended Clermont during its first 25 years.

Current Clermont students were encouraged to return to Clermont in the future so they can show their children the beautiful mural they helped create.





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