Heavy lifting at the high school

| May 29, 2018

The Sports Performance physical education elective at Solanco High School is benefiting our hard-working and dedicated student-athletes.  Students across six sections of boys classes and girls classes participated in the daily elective this school year.  Teacher Anthony Cox said the students recently participated in the annual Lift-a-Thon event, which tests their strength and power in various weight-lifting exercises.  Numerous students established personal records.

Lift - 1800bWEB









Following are some of the notable accomplishments achieved during Lift-a-Thon:

-          Logan Yaletchko (junior): 600-pound squat; 320-pound power clean (photo)

-          Anna Cooney (senior): 400-pound squat

-          Shaneef Carter (freshman): 275-pound power clean

-          Will Peredez (junior): 5.96 total body index (total weight lifted/body weight)

-          Charlotte Melot (junior): 5.1 total body index (total weight lifted/body weight)

-          Alana Yoder (sophomore): 16 pull-ups

“Through their efforts in the elective, many of our student-athletes have put themselves into better positions to be more competitive in their respective sports compared to previous seasons,” Cox said. Scroll down for photos of each boys and girls pound club, followed by a complete list of the hard-working students’ names.

Lift - 1000bWEBBoys 1000 pound club








Lift - 1100bWEB

Boys 1100 pound club







Lift - 1200bWEB
Boys 1200 pound club







Lift- 1300bWEB

Boys 1300 pound club







Lift - 1400bWEB

Boys 1400 pound club







Lift - 1500bWEB


Boys 1500 pound club






Lift - 1700b

Boys 1600 pound club







Lift - 1800bWEB

Boys 1800 pound club







Lift - 600g

Girls 600 pound club








Lift - 700gWEB

Girls 700 pound club








Lift - 800gWEB

Girls 800 pound club







Lift - 900gWEB

Girls 900 pound club







Lift - 1000gWEB

Girls 1000 pound club






Lift - 1200gWEB

Girls 1200 pound club


1000 1100 1200 1300
Caden Fuller Justin Dagen Danny Bird Spencer Burrell
Corey Stively Caleb Billings Dalton Myers Michael Keefer
David Hilman Connor Sprout German Dominguez Tyler Whisman
Deven Rapant Frampton Jake Joel McGuire Zed Baker
Joey Gote Grady Unger Nick Yannutz Gabe LaMonaca
Josiah   Peterscheim Josh Firlein Rashawn Carter
Moses   Dominguez Matt Weicksel Dawson Kreider
Chase Charles Mike Grech Evan Boule
Jacob Smolik Sam Buckwalter Hans Siegrist
David Matos Tyler Scotten Marvin Revolorio   Morales
Austin Woods Will Peredez Deandre Downing
Joseph   Vandegriff Isaac Nadu
Ben Zook Jordan Rush
Luke Brown Danny Herr
Kyle Morrison Will Paredes
Payton Strang
Aaron Combs
Chad Phillips
Dustin   Spangler
Michael May
Rustin   Spangler
1400 1500 1600 1800
Chad Carter Denis Levkovskiy Averex Grant Logan Yaletchko
Daniel Sampson Nafis Moore Cole Lewis
Hunter Shaw Nate Neuhauser Josiah Reimold
Nate Bulter Nick Dillon
Nick Lefever Seth Harnish
Donavon Myers Shaneef Carter
Scroll down for girls pound clubs.
600 700 800 900
Kara McClune Casey Weder Aleksa Burger Sierra Dean
Aubree Roop Sarah Alexander Victoria Lawson Nathaly Molinarez
Hannah Walters Millie Feldman Grace Kreider
Jenna Bleacher Jenna Dombach Ryleigh Ferrari
Natalie Mohler Sophia Baker Georgia Ewing
Montana   Lockhart Desiree DeHaven
Kelsey Sheets Skyla Townsley
Dana Landis Natalie Lasko
Brianna   Langley Jess Cabrera
paige blake
Ally Glomb
1000  1200
 Charlotte Melot  Anna Cooney
 Lauryn McNutt
 Hanna Phillips

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