Middle school students earn special recognition

| March 26, 2018

Each month, in support of character education, a select group of students at Smith and at Swift Middle School is invited to a breakfast with their parents and middle school principal Paul Gladfelter. Teachers nominate students for the Breakfast Club in recognition of their display of good character. Unlike the honor roll, which is based solely on academic performance, the Breakfast Club winners are selected on the guidelines of respect, responsibility, honesty, self-control, courtesy and manners.

Smith - Breakfast 318WEB

The students in the photo have been named to the Smith Breakfast Club for February:
Front row:  Raif Groves, Sarah Petersheim, Chris Hersh, Austin Wenger, Reese Myers, Enes Mutapccic.
Back row: Logan Wagner, Taryn Britigan, Caroline Drumm, Liam Findley.
(Breakfast Club student not in the photo:  Madison Pope.)


Swift students who received Breakfast Club recognition are, front row:  Liam Barry, Adrienne Dolan, Pryscylla Garvey, Emily Sims.
Second row:  Chris Cook, Madison Gonce, Katie Urbine, Stella Woy.
Third row: Ben Boyle, Cole Gladfelter, Eden Spangler.
(Breakfast Club student not in the photo:  Nick Feldman.)

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