Students create “Unity Quilt”

| February 8, 2018

Quilt - Natalie Campbell 2WEB“My 10th graders recently created quilt squares as a team building activity, and I put them together to create a ‘class unity’ quilt,” Solanco High School English teacher Natalie Campbell said.

“The creation of a quilt made of individual, diverse squares provides a metaphor for one unified classroom community. As the squares are stitched together, just like a quilt, it helps to
represent acceptance, tolerance and unity. This is a chance for students to learn about each other’s unique qualities, share their own backgrounds with pride, and learn how each diverse square can be joined together to represent inclusion and unity!”

Campbell said one quilt would have been too large to display, so two were made, with one now in Campbell’s academic world literature classes, and one in advanced world literature classes.

Quilt - Natalie Campbell 1ESOL

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