Memorable performance by Solanco students in Lancaster art parade

| October 24, 2017

Art parade5WEB“Solanco Southern Lights wowed the crowd in the Parade on the Arts in Lancaster on Sunday, October 22,” Solanco High School art teacher Candace Rakers said.¬†The Parade on the Arts is the second event in a series of festivities¬† that are part of the Governor’s Awards for the Arts, which are being held in Lancaster for the first time this year! “Solanco’s theme honors the beauty of the land and the artistic community of southern Lancaster County. In Solanco’s performance, Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and her attendants are followed by a swarm of fantastical, flying dragonflies that hover around the ‘flame of inspiration,’” Rakers said. “Art teacher Kesse Humphreys’ work in directing the design and production of the spectacular flying creatures has been phenomenal! All of the student participants collectively produced a dazzling, captivating, crowd-pleasing street performance!”

Art Parade-WEB

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