Smith Middle School construction project

| August 11, 2017

Smith - Construction2 JulyWEBAfter nearly a decade of planning and preparation, the Smith Middle School construction project is underway!

What is the project?

The Smith project has three components:

  1. 1. Improve safety features The first component is designed to improve safety in the building, with a renovated entrance and office area designed to improve security features. Visitors will have to pass through a secure entrance and the office before being allowed into the instructional area of the school.
  2. 2. Removal of temporary “trailer” classrooms The second component will involve the removal of the trailer classrooms in the back of the school and construction of classrooms in their place.
  3. Program improvements The third component will involve two program improvements:  A flexible Large Group Instruction Room (LGI) similar to the one in place at Solanco High School will be created. The second part will be the construction of an auditorium next to the existing gymnasium.  This auditorium will provide a space for student performance and parent/community/instructional programs and represents an investment in the arts.

Smith - Diagram 2WEBWhat is the timeline?

While construction is currently underway, a significant portion of the construction will take place during the summer of 2018.  The completion date for the project is late fall 2018.

 Will there be any disruptions to the school day or the learning environment?

There will be minimal disruptions—the largest disruptions will occur with the parking areas.  There will be some times when parking is limited or modified.  Principal Paul Gladfelter will be communicating these changes so parents are aware of any modifications.


How long has this project been planned?

For nearly a decade, the Solanco School District has been planning a project to address the safety and security needs as well as programmatic improvements. This included a full demographic study to analyze enrollment trends and potential population changes in the district.  This project represents a scaled-down, smaller plan compared to the original plan.  We believe this project meets critical needs in a much more economical fashion.


Smith -Diagram 1WEBHow much was the public involved in the process?

The Solanco community has been involved significantly throughout the entire process.  This included presentations to the public regarding the demographic study, public meetings about the proposed options for construction (there were initially 7 of them), public meetings/presentations about the proposed plan, and presentations regarding financing options and plans.  The feedback we received from the Solanco community was both helpful and essential during this process!

Is this the only project?

No—prior to completion of the Smith Middle School project, a very similar project at Swift Middle School and Clermont Elementary School will begin.  This will involve the same three areas of focus—improved secure entrances, removal of temporary classrooms, and the addition of both a large group instruction room and an auditorium. In addition, a full-sized gym will replace the half-sized gym at Clermont Elementary School.

How can I track the progress of the project?

Please check our website periodically, or follow us on either Twitter or Facebook where we will post updates.

Solanco Website:

Solanco Twitter:  @SolancoSchlDist


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