New look, digital-learning library coming to the high school

| June 12, 2017

High School Library - construction1ESOLA significant project has begun at the Solanco High School Library that will provide students with new and exciting learning opportunities. The library will still feature books, periodicals and other printed materials, yet the new appearance and focus of the library will be on digital learning.

“Ninety-six Chrome Book-like devices have been purchased and will be put into circulation so students can use them to access online courses, conduct research and and work collaboratively with other students on projects,” Solanco Assistant Superintendent Dr. Robert Dangler said. Students are also invited to bring their own devices (cell phones, tablets) for use at the library. Other new additions will include desks designed for digital learning and collaboration among students, a multi-media table, charging stations and lounge seating. There will be seating for nearly 100 students in the renovated library, significantly more seating than what is currently available.

“The new collaborative and digital focus of this remodel is really necessary to meet the evolving needs of our patrons,” Solanco High School Librarian Emily Dawley said. “Libraries are finding ways to adapt as digital resources become more important in students’ lives, and I’m excited that we are moving in that direction. The student-centered atmosphere will draw in more patrons and give them a centralized place in the high school to learn and collaborate. This digital environment is a more inviting space that looks and functions like a 21st century library should.”

The center of the library has already been cleared to make room for the new technology and furniture. The shelves and books that had been at the center of the room have been re-located along the perimeter of the library (photo features librarian Emily Dawley in the cleared out center section of the library). Some shelves, and books that had not been checked out in many years, have been removed. The circulation desk has been downsized and re-located to a more central location that will help improve flow throughout the library.

Life skills students will operate a coffee cart in the new library that offers coffee and other beverages for purchase by students and staff.

The library renovation is underway, will continue throughout the summer and will be completed when students return to school in August.

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