Solanco Education Foundation awards $5,500 in teacher grants

| December 20, 2016

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The Solanco Education Foundation has awarded 11 Academic Venture Grants totaling nearly $5,500 to Solanco teachers that will enable them to provide new educational programs and tools for Solanco students.

The foundation announced the availability of the $500 grants in May and received outstanding applications from teachers and educators. Applications were carefully reviewed by the foundation’s Academic Venture Grant Committee. Eleven proposals were chosen to receive grant funding and the grant recipients were announced at the December 19 Solanco School Board meeting. Following is a list of the grant recipients as they appear in the photograph, and a description of their program:


Front row (left to right):
Sarah Henry, Clermont Elementary School, 4th grade teacher
Project: Flexible Seating for Increased Attention and Focus
This project is designed to meet the needs of our 21st century learners.  It will allow all students to have flexible seating options which will help increase motivation and engagement as well as improve academic performance, physical health and behavior.

Alexandria DeCicco, George A. Smith Middle School, 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Project: 20 Time in Education
During Genius Hour, students will be completing self-driven, independent studies. The students will document their work throughout the year through the use of a teacher-made portfolio and classroom iPad. Once finished, the students will present a TED-style speech to the community, where they reflect on their discoveries and their learning throughout the project.

Krystie Kramer, Quarryville Elementary School, 3rd grade teacher
Project: Brain POP Jr.
BrainPop Jr. is an online resource that features engaging educational videos and related activities for many subject areas. The videos use the characters, Annie and her comical robot Moby, to introduce and teach many topics covered in Solanco’s curriculum. Students enjoy the humor in each video while simultaneously learning new vocabulary and strategies.

Emily Miller, Quarryville Elementary School, kindergarten teacher
Project: Dramatic Play Center
The grant will enable students to participate in a Dramatic Play Center. Kindergarten students will practice literacy and math concepts through activities like playing restaurant, grocery store, eye doctor, construction worker, and many more fun and engaging activities.

Back row
(left to right):

Matt Jansen, George A. Smith Middle School,Physical Education Teacher
Project: Mule Muscle: Phase II
The grant will fund Phase II of the Mule Muscle project at Smith Middle School. The physical education department will add workout equipment (body bars, battle ropes, and stability balls) for daily use by all students during PE classes. Students will learn about exercises with a strong focus on proper weight training techniques and exercises that can be used to achieve lifetime fitness.

Souzan Darley, Clermont Elementary School, 4th grade teacher
Project: Flexible Seating for Increased Attention and Focus
The project will bring in alternate seating options for students, such as stability balls, kore flex chairs, and pedal exercisers.  Flexible seating is beneficial for all learners, as it allows students to increase attention, focus, and motivation through movement. These seating options will benefit students throughout the school day by creating a student-centered environment where they will be engaged and active learners.

Karen Huber, 3rd Grade Music teacher at Bart-Colerain and Providence elementary
Project: Recorder instruments for 3rd grade music students
All third grade music students will have test their rhythmic and melodic reading skills when they learn to play the recorder. Each student will be responsible for the care of their own instrument and will continue to use it through fifth grade.

Diana Lyons (third from right, Swift Middle School), and Phil Cogdill (far right, Providence Elementary) Emotional Support Teachers
Project: STEM Bins and Stations
STEM bins will allow students to participate in self-directed STEM activities.  These activities will include building bridges that sustain weight, building varying structures and solving real world problems using a wide range of materials such as Lego’s, straws and toothpicks.

Lindsay Capoferri (second from right), Solanco High School Counselor, and
Carol Graybeal, School Psychologist (not in photo)
Project: RENEW Program – Supporting Students At-Risk of Dropping Out

RENEW stands for Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural supports, Education, and Work. The program will provide intervention for students who are identified as being at risk for dropout through indicators such as truancy, failing grades and retention, problem behaviors, and socioeconomic factors. Trained facilitators, including teachers, school counselors/psychologists, and administrators, work closely with the students to help them identify strengths and needs, set goals, and create action plans to reach goals.

Grant recipients not pictured:

Stacy Shelton, Solanco High School, Business Teacher
Project:  Solanco Literacy Project

The Solanco Literacy Project provide books to children to promote reading at home.  In three years the project has distributed more than 3,000 books.  Books are collected from the community and then distributed again at various district and community events.  The grant will help supplement reading levels that are lacking in donations, fund the New Student Welcome bags the project provides, and help start a middle school book donation project.

Kesse Humphreys, George A. Smith Middle School, Art Teacher
Project: ipad Your Imagination
The grant will purchase two tablets to create digital artwork as well as short filmaking projects.  The specific project to be completed is a collaborative piece where students create a short film documenting “Art: the untold story” through the process of claymation or animation.

The Solanco Education Foundation creates new and enhanced educational opportunities within the district by awarding grants to teachers and scholarships to students. To date, the Foundation has awarded nearly 130 Academic Venture Grants to teachers totaling nearly $65,000.

Solanco Education Foundation

President:  Susan Broomell
Treasurer: William Musser
Secretary: Kathy Eberly
Director:  Keith Kaufman (non-voting member)

 Board of Trustees:
Larry Albright
Fan Bender
Tom Brackbill
Bill Coble
Cindy Coble
Joanne Diedrich
Julie Duvall
Cathy Kaschak
Steve Mitchell
Brenda Roark
Patty Wilds
Sandy Tucker (non-voting member)

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