Smith students honored

| November 29, 2016

Each month, in support of character education, a select group of students is invited to a breakfast with their parents and Smith Middle School Principal Paul Gladfelter. Teachers nominate students for the Breakfast Club in recognition of their display of good character. Unlike the honor roll, which is based solely on academic performance, the Breakfast Club winners are selected on the guidelines of respect, responsibility, honesty, self-control, courtesy and manners.

Smith - BC 11-23-16In the photo are the Smith Middle School Breakfast Club students:

Front row: 8th grader Amber Lutman, 6th grader Levi Zook, 6th grader Kristine Stauffer, 6th grader Brad Salisbury, 6th grader Kate Kauffman, 6th grader Anika Hodgdon.

Back Row:  8th grader Unique Faber-Rodriguez,  8th grader Dominic Flatt, 7th grader Andres Villeda, 7th grader Trent Henry, 7th grader Haleigh Cole, 7th Taryn Britigan.

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