Congratulations to the Solanco Class of 2016!

| June 10, 2016

On a beautiful evening filled with cheers, tears, pride and deep reflection, 260 seniors in the Solanco Class of 2016 received their diplomas on the Solanco football field! The graduation ceremonies featured presentations by class valedictorian Emelyn Hatch, salutatorian Alexis Davis, class president Emilie Stocker, retiring high school principal Brian Gallagher, and Solanco Superintendent Dr. Brian Bliss.


VEmelyn and Alexis - val and salWEBaledictorian Emelyn Hatch (left) will attend Wake Forest University, and salutatorian Alexis Davis will be a student at Swarthmore College.

“The world in its entirety will always be more complex than we will ever be able to comprehend,” valedictorian Emelyn Hatch told her classmates. “But take a tiny piece of it, a piece that matters to you, and pour all the love into it that you can muster.” Emelyn said that could include volunteering, or campaigning for a cause, or studying a topic of interest. “Our work doesn’t have to be earth shattering to be worthwhile. In fact, it may be that our work is more meaningful and fulfilling when it is small, close, directly visible, rather than when it is grand and loft and far removed from those it impacts.”

Salutatorian Alexis Davis addressed the fear, anxiety and excitement the graduates are experiencing. “There’s excitement for what is over that hill; excitement to see what we will accomplish in the future. Every single one of us will do great things, and I can say that because I know almost all of you. We just can’t see it now.”

Brian Gallagher1WEBRetiring principal Brian Gallagher urged students to  take advantages of the opportunities they encounter. “I’ve often told students to think of their future as an endless hallway of open doors. Each door in an opportunity. And your education is not about being directed to a particular door. Instead, it is about keeping as many doors open as possible. Walk down the hallway, look in some doors, find an opportunity that seems appealing, put your name in, and see what happens.”

As graduates begin their life after high school, Superintendent Dr. Brian Bliss told them their time has arrived, “Not to be the student, but the generation to perform. You now have the responsibility to contribute to civic life, to your community, to make an impact before another generation is ushered in.”

Emilie Stocker, president of the Class of 2016, wished her classmates the very best in their future endeavors. “The most important thing to remember is that this is your life. This is your future. This path you will go down does not belong to your parents, teachers, coaches or friends. This is for you. Take this opportunity and run with it. Never settle!”


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