Congressman Meehan meets with Solanco students and administrators

| March 30, 2016

Congressman Patrick Meehan, who represents Pennsylvania’s 7th District, which includes Bart and Colerain townships, visited Solanco High School on Tuesday.  He met with the following students to discuss topics of interest: 12th graders Sam Broomell, Ben Fetterman, Liam Hodgson, Brianna Lane, Emilie Stocker and Emily Zook, and 11th graders Brady Frampton, Josh Kreider, Morgan Perry and Jazzmyn Pope.

The topics covered were varied and interesting. Congressman Meehan brought up what he called “the overwhelming cost of college.” He said legislation has been introduced that would require colleges and universities to provide detailed information on how they use the tuition money they receive from students and their families. Students also expressed concern about the availability of jobs with decent wages in their chosen careers when they graduate from college.

Congressman Meehan and students also discussed global warming, and the escalating illegal usage of prescription drugs, opioids and heroin, and the serious health, law enforcement and public safety problems illicit drugs create.

During his visit, Congressman Meehan also met with Solanco Assistant Superintendent Dr. Robert Dangler and principal Brian Gallagher to discuss educational issues, including preparing students for post-secondary education or entry into the workforce after high school graduation, “unfunded mandates” imposed by government regulations and the challenges they create for school districts, the current teacher shortage, and others.


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