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| February 27, 2015

Art - Theresa Gartland2REDSolanco High School students Theresa Gartland and Sarah Irwin use their amazing artistic skills to communicate their profound personal experiences, and it has earned them distinguished recognition from the Scholastic Art Awards and Lancaster County Young Artists Awards.

In her award-winning art, Theresa Gartland expresses her experience with cancer to help others develop a better understanding of cancer, and to provide “comfort and closure to those who have had experience with this devastating disease.” Photo: Theresa Gartland’s Inevitable Dispossession (Misconceptions of Living with Cancer), pastel on paper, 2015 Lancaster County Young Artists Portfolio Award; 2014 National Scholastic Art Awards.

Theresa said she is “truly honored” to have received the Lancaster County Young Artist’s Portfolio Award and to have her current body of work, The Misconceptions of Living with Cancer, exhibited in The Lancaster Museum of Art and the Demuth Museum. “The media’s portrayal of cancer is drastically different than the reality of the disease, causing those with little experience with cancer to not always comprehend where fiction starts and facts end,” Theresa said. “Being that I have had experience with the disease, I felt strongly compelled to display the reality which many know, but have not had their experiences properly represented.”

Art - Sarah Irwin WEB2
Sarah Irwin uses art to communicate what she feels, “to let art be the words I couldn’t speak even if it left me feeling exposed.” Photo: Sarah Irwin’s With a Heavy Heart, pastel on paper, Scholastic Art Awards Portfolio Award; Lancaster County Young Artists Portfolio Award.

“It took me a long time to build up the courage to create art that reflected what I felt,” Sarah said. “Now I have been blessed with the opportunity to share my work with many people. Knowing there will be people that can relate to what I felt just by looking at my work is incredible. I am so honored to have been chosen for these awards, and given the opportunity to have my work seen by so many people at the Lancaster Museum of Art and the Demuth Museum. It will be an experience I will never forget.”

Eight other talented Solanco High School students have also won coveted art awards. They are Amanda Herr, Donelle Keeport, Ciana Malchione, Ryan O’Connell, Haley Pittman, Cassie Twyman, Joshua Wolf and Abbey Yoder. Congratulations to each of those students on their outstanding accomplishments!

Art - students1WEB
Solanco High School award-winning art students, front row: Haley Pittman, Cassie Twyman, Amanda Herr, Abbey Yoder.

Back row: Ryan O’Connell, Donelle Keeport, Ciana Malchione, Sarah Irwin, Joshua Wolf, Theresa Gartland.

Beautiful, award-winning artwork by Solanco students and students from across Lancaster County will be featured in exhibits at the Lancaster Museum of Art at 135 North Lime Street in Lancaster, and the Demuth Museum at 120 East King Street in Lancaster. Students will be honored during an awards reception at the Lancaster Museum of Art from 5 to 8 p.m. on Friday, March 6. Parents, friends and all community members are invited to meet and speak with the talented artists at the reception. Student artwork will be on exhibition at both museums from March 7 to April 12. They are both open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Sunday hours at the Lancaster Museum of Art are 12 noon to 4 p.m., while the Demuth Museum on Sundays is open 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Art - Joshua WolfWEB


Joshua Wolf: 8 Scholastic Art Awards Honorable Mention Portfolio Awards 1 Gold Award 2 Honorable Mention Awards.

Photo: Bronze Dragons, earthenware, Scholastic Art Awards Portfolio Award; Gold Award.





Art - Ciana MalchioneWEB

Ciana Malchione:
2 Gold Awards 3 Honorable Mention Awards

Photo: Ciana Malchione’s Self-Portrait, pastel on paper, Gold Award


(Photos courtesy of Solanco High School art teacher Candace Rakers)

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