Students excel in National Spanish Exam

| May 15, 2014

Solanco High School students have won dozens of awards in the National Spanish Exam. Solanco Spanish teacher Megan Flinchbaugh said, “Our students earned a total of six silver awards, 14 bronze awards, and 30 honorable mentions. The students who took the test volunteered to take it, and many spent time reviewing and studying in preparation for the test; I think this is evident in our results!”

Following is a list of Solanco award winners – congratulations to each of them on their outstanding accomplishment!:

Noah Brady, 11th grade
Jose Henriuquez, 11th grade
Liam Hodgson, 10th grade
Mady Weyman, 10th grade
Marissa Witmer, 9th grade
Carly Wolff, 10th grade

Kelsey Bastien, 10th grade
Samuel Broomell, 10th grade
Timothy Delp, 11th grade
Seon Jin Kim, 9th grade
Ciana Malchione, 9th grade
Kayla Moss, 10th grade
Morgan Myer, 11th grade
Christy Nafziger, 10th grade
Samantha Ortiz, 10th grade
Daniel Riddell, 10th grade
Edgar Rodriguez, 9th grade
Anna Shoemaker, 10th grade
John Paul West, 10th grade
Joshua Wolf, 11th grade

Dallas Absher, 9th grade
Andrea Beu, 9th grade
Paige Borcky, 9th grade
Cameron Buchheister, 10th grade
Charles Canby, 9th grade
Haley Conklin, 11th grade
Kelly Cook, 9th grade
Lela Fredricks, 11th grade
Taggart Hess, 11th grade
Emily Hobbs, 10th grade
Jonathan Kraynak, 11th grade
Joey Malick, 10th grade
Brooke McCardell, 11th grade
Megan Mecouch, 10th grade
Bree Miller, 11th grade
Christina Newcamp, 10th grade
Kelly Pentz, 9th grade
Gabrielle Redcay, 11th grade
Luke Redcay, 12th grade
Hannah Redmond, 10th grade
Cayla Robinson, 10th grade
Chase Ruble, 9th grade
Brandon Smyth, 9th grade
Emilie Stocker, 10th grade
Cameron Trimble, 10th grade
Lyndsey Watterson, 10th grade
Britain Yoder, 9th grade
Ryan Yaletchko, 9th grade
Justina Zaborskiy, 10th grade
Julianna Zak, 10th grade

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